Friday, March 27, 2009

11 weeks

As many of you know, Nate and I recently have had reason to worry about Carson's eye sight. His physical therapist and pediatrician recommended that we see an eye specialist. Carson seemed behind in his ability to focus on a face and track an object. So once again, Carson and his nervous parents headed out to another appointment. And once again we left the appointment relieved!

The eye doctor said that Carson's eyes seemed fine. He said the "cameras" are working, he's just not very interested in what he's seeing. I thought, well thanks, Carson, I can't get enough of looking at you. I guess it's not mutual! The doctor believes that it's due to some immaturities in the brain that still need to develop. As long as we keep stimulating his eyes he should begin to take interest soon.

This past week I felt that Carson was already making progress. For the first time he holds his gaze while looking at me and he seems to take more interest in his surroundings. It's finally starting to feel like he is visually aware of me instead of just reacting to the sound of my voice. It's strange to think that there is so much satisfaction in interacting with someone you've only known for 3 months who cannot even verbally communicate:)

Although Carson obviously cannot talk yet, his physical therapist thinks that someday he'll be quite the talker. She said that he's very expressive with his sounds. I would agree, expressive and loud!

The warmer weather has opened Carson up to a very new world. Like anyone who lives in Michigan, he seems very surprised to see sunshine. We have already used our stroller quite a bit and Carson seems quite content relaxing in it. I should mention that it's a jogging stroller so hopefully our walks will progress to a run:)
Wednesday is another dreaded head ultrasound. As always, please pray that the results will show a stable amount of fluid. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Update

This update is a few days late, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Carson's head ultrasound went great on Monday! It is always nerve-racking sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear the results; especially when the doc is an hour late! Of course it was worth the wait to learn that Carson's head is growing proportionally.
Our next appointment is in 2 weeks so please pray for similar results!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 weeks

It's hard to believe that Carson is now already 9 weeks old (and now weighs 12 lbs)! I can't believe how quickly time is passing! Our frenzy of appointments is finally slowing down and we're starting to get a chance to just relax with our little guy, it's great!

Carson is moving along very well, literally! He has been working with a physical therapist every week and is gaining a lot of strength. Carson can already hold his head high while he's propped on his elbows. He also has learned how to roll over! This morning, like usual, we practised his exercises and he seems to love it. He rolled over again and again. He's a pretty determined little guy! The physical therapist always remarks how content and easy going he is. He is always willing to do his exercises and only quits when he is truly tired out. Carson's determination is an inspiration to me already. I think that someday he's going to be the one encouraging me on, instead of the other way around. It's already amazing witnessing Carson's ability to compensate for his weakness and conquer tasks in his own way.

Just when things we're starting to seem like smooth sailing a new concern came up. Carson seems to have difficulty seeing. Sometimes he makes eye contact but it's pretty rare. We're pretty sure he can see some things, but we're just not sure how much. Obviously we have a vague understanding so we're seeing an eye specialist at the end of April. For now, we'll keep trying to work on helping him focus on objects and tracking them.

Last Sunday Carson was baptised at Woodlawn CRC. It was a beautiful service and Carson did very well! He wore his Great Grandpa's baptism gown so it was very special (although my siblings kept calling him "Princess Carson")!
Like I said, we've been enjoying a relaxed week, but reality hits again on Monday- another head ultrasound to check Carson's ventricles for hydrocephalus. Please pray that the results show stable fluid amounts!