Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Yum, pop!"

Every time Carson enters a new age range, I find myself saying, "I love this age!" And although I sometimes miss the newborn and baby months, it seems that each stage is even more fun than the last!
Currently, Carson seems to have entered a very chatty stage. He loves to talk and express himself! Each day I am amazed at how much he has progressed verbally. It's so fun to hear actual sentences start to form! Every meal time we let Carson pray and it has been quite funny. Here's his typical prayer:

me: "Dear God, thank you for..."
Carson: "Nana!" (grandma)
me: "and..."
Carson: "Yay-you (thank you) for Topham hatt's piggy-toes!
Yay-you for Nana's piggy toes!
Yay-you for my outside!"
me: "and..." (pointing to his plate)
Carson: "Yay-you for my food!"
me: "for Jesus' sake..."
Carson: "Amen!"

Here's our conversation today at lunch after I gave him a sip of my sparkling water:

Carson: "Yum, pop!"
me: "What!? Pop!?"
Carson: "Yeah, yum, pop!"
me: "Who gave you pop!?"
Carson: "Nana!" (laughs)
me: "Nana gave you pop!?"
Carson: "Nana gave you pop!" (laughs)
me: "No, Nana gave me pop.
Carson: "Nana gave me pop! Nana gave me pop! Nana gave me pop!" (more laughing)

At least he's honest! Watch out, Nanas! Carson tells me everything :)