Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are you good at eating?

My relatives have always taken pride in our family's outstanding ability to eat. Not only do I have amazing cooks in my family, but also amazing eaters. In fact, one of my grandma's frequent questions includes, "Is he a good eater?" This questions applies to new cousin's boyfriends or new babies. Although my sweet tooth gets me in trouble from time to time (or like everyday) I have learned to appreciate and savor good food. Some may think it's ridiculous to have at least 3 different types of meat at a family holiday, or it may seem silly to some how my family loves to explain in great detail what they ordered at a restaurant the other night, but for my family it's a way that we appreciate the good stuff in life- or savoring the details.
So where am I going with all this? I know many others are blessed (or cursed) with the love for food. And if your looking to eat for a good cause than join us at Vitale's in Ada. It's easy- order food and a portion of your bill goes to our local Spina Bifida support group.
Throughout the past year of Carson's life I have had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing moms who have dedicated every last ounce of energy to enriching their child's life who is challenged by spina bifida. I am so proud of all the hard work these family's endure. These women have inspired me in so many ways. They help keep me focused on what's important and keep me positive when times get tough. God has blessed me with an amazing community and I am so proud be a part of this group!
Please mark May 18 in your calanders and join us for a memorable night!