Friday, July 30, 2010

Parks and Friends

If Carson could live at the park I'm pretty sure he would. He would sleep in the tunnels at night and then spend the day climbing the steps and going down the slide "Carson style"- headfirst, fearless. Lately we have been going to the park almost daily. Here's a photo of our recent play date with Carson's friends who have Spina Bifida. Pictured above is Emileigh, Greyson, Whitney, Carson, and Noah. I am so thankful for all the friends God has blessed Carson with. Not only does he have tons of friends in his age group, but a pretty good size group of kids with SB as well. It's amazing and inspiring seeing these kids progress. I just love them!

The highlight of the park is always snack time of course. Greyson is always willing to demonstrate his love for Carson :) Hugging, petting, and even sharing his pretzels.

Tunnel Hog

I have to admit, when we arrive at the park I always hope it's empty. It's tough watching all the other kids his age running circles around him. But then I continue to realize that Carson doesn't mind, he just enjoys himself because he is focusing on what matters: he CAN enjoy the playground. In fact, he is able to do everything he wants. At the playground he isn't limited at all he just gets around a little differently or might need some help here or there. I am so proud of my brave little guy!