Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Months Old!

It seems that I am long over due for a new post. We have been quite busy lately so we have lots to share! As you can see in our photos Carson got his first taste of solids. We weren't really sure what to expect as we prepared Carson's first bowl of oatmeal. I assumed that he would be confused and that it would end up all over his face instead of in his mouth. After feeding him a few bites I was surprised to see him eagerly eating it. Although I was still right about the oatmeal ending up all over his face as well!
Recently my mom, sister and I took Carson to the Meijer Gardens. Carson is enrolled in "Early On" and they held a function at the Gardens. Carson could care less where we went, but we had fun taking him all over in his stroller. Carson is a pretty easy-going little guy. He's perfectly content relaxing in his stroller no matter where we go. My mom likes to always remind me how fortunate I am to have a pleasant baby, she claims she wasn't so lucky with me.

Another first was taking him up North to his grandparent's cottages. He was a very good sport about his not so comfortable looking life jacket! We could hardly stop laughing at him the entire time we were on the boat!

Not much is new as far as his appointments go. Carson will start additional physical therapy at the myelomeningocele clinic at Mary Free Bed so I'm looking forward to hopefully learning more about what were dealing with.


Dave said...

Good pictures! Yes, I like the picture of him in his lifevest too! See you soon

Susan M. Nelson said...

Hope your appointment went well today. I think I just missed seeing you. See you next week!