Thursday, August 13, 2009

MRI Results

Last Friday we headed to the hospital for an MRI of Carson's head and spine. The MRI was ordered by Carson's neurosurgeon who requires all of his patients with SB to get an MRI around 6 months of age.

Naturally we were very nervous for the MRI and even more nervous for the results. The MRI was hard because we pretty much had to starve Carson before the procedure because they had to administer anesthesia. During the MRI he had to have a ventilator down his throat which caused discomfort afterwards. That, mixed with the anesthesia , produced a very disoriented and unhappy baby. The whole ordeal took 6 hours.

Wednesday we meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss the results. The MRI showed the issues we knew about (stable hydrocephalus, a tethered cord, and a chiari malformation) and also a new issue. Near the top of Carson's spine the MRI showed a syrinx (a pocket of fluid). Currently it is not a threat, but if it continues to grow an operation will be needed. In 4 months Carson will have another MRI to monitor the size of the syrinx.

Unfortunately there is no easy path for operating on a syrinx. Eliminating the pocket of fluid could mean a shunt, a chiari surgery or a tethered cord surgery or a combination of several surgeries if the first one doesn't work.

We are also closely watching Carson's right arm as it is showing signs of weakness. It's possible that the weakness is related to a chiari problem (an area of Carson's brain affected by the SB). We are currently watching for more symptoms of a chiari and hoping, again, that it doesn't lead to surgery.
After the appointment we were wiped out. There is so much anxiety and stress leading up to these appointments. We never know if we're going to hear good news, or schedule a surgery. Carson's MRI wasn't the best case scenario, but it also wasn't the worse. We are thankful to avoid surgery for now. Please continue to keep Carson in your prayers. Pray for God's continuous mercy on Carson.

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Duster and Ellen said...

Wow....the journey continues. It is apparent that God has given you the strength to persevere and find the blessings despite the obvious stress. Take care. Duster and Ellen