Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haircut blues

Another milestone achieved recently: Carson's first haircut. Everyone seemed ready and eager for his new hair do except for Carson and I! I actually kind of liked how he had the funniest hair around. It kind of went with his personality somehow. I'm trying to get used to his new hair cut, and I have to admit that he looks adorable still, but part of me still misses his funny baby hair :)
Obviously as you can see, the haircut experience did not go well. Every tool was way too loud for Carson and loud + Carson= disaster! Even the toy dispenser at the end of the appointment was incredibly loud, poor guy!
Currently Carson's miserable state has continued as he fights off his first sickness. Last Monday he caught a stomach bug and by mid week we were all pretty sick. I think we're finally starting to see the end of it. At first it was pretty scary because when your child has SB and is vomiting you immediately start considering neurological causes or UTI's. Although it was pretty miserable having the whole family sick it did help reassure us that Carson was experiencing a "normal virus." So we are quite thankful!
Also important to note are some very special birthdays this weekend: Greyson Gibbs and the Baar twins! We are so thankful for our friends and their growing families and all the continued support!


Kari said...

hey you might completely already know this, but with the noise thing we totally dealt with that with toby and are still dealing with it. you should google hearing sensitivty and hydocephalus...its really interesting. it helped me with toby a lot!!!
ps his haircut is adorable

Jessica said...

he's getting so big and continues to be the most handsome little boy EVER! love every bit of him <3
jordan and jess
cally and will

Leigh and Andy said...

Every time I see that picture of him standing, I want to cry. I love him!!!