Monday, August 30, 2010

19 months

It's a wonderful thing having family through the good and the bad. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm not as alone as I feel. My family loves Carson more then I ever thought possible. They suffer through the hard stuff that Spina Bifida brings, and they celebrate all the victories Carson achieves. When I feel overwhelmed my family pulls through for me. My sister-in-law, Cori, made this adorable video of Carson at the cottage. I showed it to him today and he loved it so much we had to watch it 5 times in a row :) When I aksed him, "where's Carson?" He pointed to the screen. He always loves to be the star!

Hope you enjoy it



JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

What an adorable video!!! Those moments are priceless and Carson looks like he's doing great!
The Crosiers

The Turner family said...

OMG!!! He is amazing! He is such a miracle!! I have been following since you were pregnant! Wow! He will go so far in life! Great job, Mom and Dad!

Susan M. Nelson said...

That is just fantastic! Carson is just amazing and is doing SO well. Thanks for the encouragement! I know that sounds funny, but I think I need to watch it 5 times!

Joanna and David said...

This is so adorable! I love all the videos! You can tell so much more from video than pictures. He is doing so well! Thank you for sharing! :)

Scasmflops said...

This was so wonderful to see!!! I loved it!!! He is so very cute!!! Love the animal noises and the smile he always has. 19 months--- I cannot believe it. :) Keep up the good work, buddy. said...

Ohhhh, I love seeing Carson in action Emily!!! great video!! hugs and kisses to Carson and you all!!
<3 Aunt Sandi