Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Storm Pics

Recently we experienced one of the largest snow storms Grand Rapids, MI has ever had. 16 inches of snow fell during the storms 24 hour period. Many businesses and stores were closed the following day and schools were closed for several days. During the storm Carson and I were staying with my parents as Nate remodeled our entire kitchen!

Here's a few photos from the storm. If you think the sled Carson is riding looks homemade then your right. Carson's grandpa (my dad) is a little odd, in a good way, and created a wooden sled 2 years ago with ski's on the bottom. Carson enjoyed being pulled through the neighborhood on it.

All of this snow has us eager for the summer! We are very much looking forward to August when Nate's Uncle Rob will marry his lovely fiance, Beka! And guess who was asked to be the ring bearer?! Our little Carson! It will be a proud moment for us as we watch our little boy walk (probably with a walker) down the aisle. 2 years ago we would have never known if this would even be possible. We were thrilled and thankful to be able to answer, "yes!"

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