Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating Crutches

Recently we finished our session at 1 Plus 1 Therapy and I couldn't be happier and prouder! As many of you know, when you find the right therapist for your child there is no feeling quite like it! It's like hitting a gold mine or winning the lottery. Not only does Carson love his therapist and the type of therapy, he is becoming more confident in his abilities and is physically progressing.
A few days ago, for the first time, he walked several feet on his own with his new forearm crutches. This is incredible progress considering that he only just started using the crutches 4 weeks ago!
It's extremely exciting to see Carson on the brink of a new milestone, and lately I'm trying my best to simply focus on the accomplishments instead of those darn phases of sadness. I celebrate seeing him take his first steps with his crutches but then moments later I'm sadly reminded that, for most kids, walking a few feet is effortless.
It's both exciting and tough. Sometimes you just cant control what your mind is going to conjure up. The negative thoughts have a way of creeping up. Sometimes I'll let the thoughts flow until I'm imagining him years later being left out of a game at school, being bullied because of his disability, or frustrated at his limitations. And at that point I realize I'm out of control!
Of course there are struggles ahead for Carson, but does it help to worry right now if he will have a date for his prom someday?
Having a child with spina bifida (and simply just becoming a mother) has created more worrying for me. But at the same time it has also taught me to be thankful. You have to learn to be thankful understanding that it's a choice or a state of mind. I'll probably always struggle with negative thoughts and worry, but whether I dwell on it or whether it's just a fleeting thought depends on me. Every day I have to make that choice. Will I let my mind become preoccupied with negativity or will I celebrate all the amazing abilities Carson does have? I'm constantly reminded that there are many things that are out of my control and thankfully in God's hands.
Over the past 2 years God has blessed us with lots of celebrations and so much to be thankful for! All of Carson's capabilities are a gift from God. And although the spina bifida diagnosis will continue to be challenging, today we are celebrating Carson just as he is.


Joanna said...

Beautiful. Perfect. You are soooo right. It can be hard to know when to draw that "worry line" and realize what we think is preparation/planning for the future is just turning into out of control anxiety. Thank you for reminding us all to celebrate the moment!

Our family said...

Gooo Carson! I'm thankful for your honest post. I do this often and you're so right...celebrate the moment. Keep up the good work Mr. Carson!

Leigh and Andy said...

I am a mess. You are so so right and I loved every word of this post. I am so thankful to have you three in my life. We can worry about prom dates together (but then remind each other not to worry!) :) love you guys and am SO PROUD of Carson!!

Coleman and Lauren said...

I don't know why I'm just seeing this great post! I'm the same way... I have to purposefully remove the negative thoughts that are creeping into my head. But I'm so excited for Carson! I know it's amazing when you find a therapist that clicks!

baby crochet headbands with flowers said...

Yes his abilities need to be celebrated to boost up his morale, god has blessed him with those abilities and his courage.That moment might be very amazing when hi took his first step with his crutches.Thanks for a honest post.