Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big boy bed... sort of

Last night Carson slept in his new "big boy bed." Nate and I have been meaning to transform his crib into the toddler stage for quite some time. I found a toddler guard rail online (way cheaper than the wooden version you can buy for this crib) and finally the make-over was finished :) Carson couldn't be happier! Of course, as you can see, he still has his be-loved bumper which he snuggles up to every night, and also his peep (pacifier), so clearly we are making baby steps.

Carson is very proud of his new independence.

He can climb into his bed on his own!

He can also get down on his own, an ability we will never take for granted.

In this photo he has just slid down from his bed and is beginning to take steps towards me, another new thing he is doing! It's more like hurling himself forward while moving his feet rapidly but it is very exciting to see him venturing into it. He has always been pretty cautious so it's incredible to see him trying to take steps even though it usually results in falling at the end. It's a big step for him to let go of his surrounding supports (furniture, people, or his crutches), so we are so proud of him for trying!

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