Friday, December 12, 2008

Amnio Results are in

After a little over a week of anticipation, we finally recieved our amniocentisis results. We are relieved to announce that our results came back normal. In otherwords, there shouldn't be any other deformities or fatal problems with our baby. What an answer to prayer!
At our last appointment, the ultrasound showed straight legs and normal looking feet which is good news. However, the fluid in our baby's ventricles increased. Normally a baby will have ventricles measuring 10mm and under. Our baby's ventricles are measuring 14mm and 19mm. Fluid build up in the ventricles can occur from hydrocephalus which needs to be treated with a shunt. It was disappointing to receive this news, however it still does not indicate that a shunt will for sure be needed. So far they are still planning on doing the initial back surgery and then will monitor the ventricles in the brain for hydrocephalus. Please pray that the fluid will reduce and that a shunt won't be needed.
Last week we went to our C section class. It feels great gaining more and more information on what to expect on our big day. We're also going to be touring the hospital and meeting with NICU people. Our friends, Leigh and Andy, have already visited Spectrum and felt great about the people and facility. We we're glad to hear that and are eager to see it for ourselves.
Our nursery finally has a crib thanks to Nate's mom:) It's starting to come together but we still have a lot to do in preparation for our baby. This last month is going extremely fast; we hope we'll be ready for the 6th!


Leigh and Andy said...

We're so happy to hear that the amnio results are A-OK!! Enjoy your tour of the NICU (as much as you can). We'll have to compare notes soon. :) As always, the three of you are in our prayers...

Dave said...

I'm so glad; this is good news! It's sounds like a lot of angles are coming together.

I'm sure you're both learning a lot still.

I'll continue to pray for you and baby bush!

MommaKathi said...

I found you through Leigh and Andy's blog. I met Leigh through a pregnancy board that I posted on. My first pregnancy was a boy with SB. That was 16 1/2 years ago. I posted on the board that I am open to any questions any one might have. We have kind of 'been there and done that'. My son, Justin, is willing to meet with anyone and email anyone that wants to know more about what it is like to actually grow up with SB.
We are in Holland - not too far away. Feel free to contact me anytime. My email is You can check out my blog, there are some older posts that I wrote when Justin was little.
Blessings, Kathi