Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 more weeks!

Baby boy bush is already on his way to being spoiled! This past Saturday I had another baby shower. It was at Egypt Valley Country Club and it was thrown by Nate's mom and aunts. I had a wonderful time and received a lot of very nice gifts! Nate and I feel so blessed by every one's support and generosity.
Last week we we're back visiting with Doctors again. This time we met with a Cardiologist to make sure our baby's heart was okay. Heart defects are more common in babies with birth defects so they wanted to make sure his heart was in good shape before they performed any surgeries. We spent 3 hours at the doctor's office and finally received the news that his heart looked perfectly fine. We we're very relieved but quite shaken up from the anticipation and stress of these scary appointments!
We have another appointment next week to have an amniocentesis. During this procedure they will insert a needle into the amniotic fluid to test for certain chromosomes. In rare cases some chromosomes may indicate a failure to survive past birth, so of course this appointment is stirring up some anxieties. We just try to remember that we've been blessed during so many other appointments so we're trying to think of positive things to dwell on.
Last night we met with our friends Andy and Leigh who's son will also be born in January with Spina Bifida. It has been so great connecting with them. We always feel encouraged after meeting with them and we're so thankful that God has blessed us in ways we could never predict. Please remember Andy and Leigh in your prayers as well.


Anonymous said...

Emily and Nate,
We will continue to keep you in our prayers.
Ellen and Duster

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily and Nate,
I just received your Thank You card. it was very sweet. I will be praying for you guys and "Prickly Thorn Bush". See you at Christmas.