Thursday, September 10, 2009

8 Months Old

It's hard to believe summer is over; time is just flying by. I also cannot believe that my little guy is already 8 months old! Sometimes I wish I could hang on longer to certain days and just savor them. Carson sure is keeping us busy!

After a few weeks of constantly yanking off his glasses, Carson finally seems to have made his peace with them. What a relief! He pretty much leaves them alone. Our next goal: Getting him to actually look through them instead of over them like an old man.

Carson is still continuing with physical therapy, but starting this fall he'll be doing a lot more of it. He'll receive therapy through Early On, Mary Free Bed, and also a group class. We're also considering taking a swim class and a session at the Conductive Learning Center.

So what's new in Carson's world? He is mesmerized by his feet. Nate and I are thrilled that he has the strength and flexibility to reach them. Carson is also sitting up; he's not completely sturdy yet, but he's getting pretty close. He's certainly progressing, but the area he has always thrived the most in is eating. Carson now eats chunks of food like meat and loves it! He'll eat anything in his path with little trouble and washes it down with sips of water from a glass with help from his mom. The other day Carson and his dad ate sizzler steaks, yum:)

Wednesday we had another head check with the Neurosurgeon and everything still looks stable. There is still concern about Carson's lack of upper body strength. We're hoping it is something we can work through with physical therapy. There is a possibility that his syrinx, tethered cord, or chiari malformation is causing it which would lead to a surgical intervention. For now all we can do is watch and wait. His next MRI will probably be January.

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Susan M. Nelson said...

Sounds like Carson is doing so well! I am glad he has made peace with his glasses. (: It is great that he is enjoying his food too.