Monday, September 28, 2009

One Crazy Week!

This past week has been a bit tough. Last Tuesday we we're instructed to take Carson the ER because of vomiting. Taking someone to the ER because they're throwing up may sound a bit overkill, but when your dealing with a person who has Spina Bifida it could be much more serious. Vomiting can indicate a neurological issue which needs urgent attention.
On our way to the hospital I thought that we were finally at the beginning of more surgery. I imagined that Carson's neurologist would have to arrive and suddenly perform a scary surgery of some sort. I was terrified! I hoped that Carson's diaper bag contained enough supplies and toys for what I thought would be a several day stay.
Thankfully we were released from the ER several hours later. The doctors believed that Carson's vomiting was most likely due to a stomach bug of some sort (Even though he had no temp. and was his normal self).
Yet, almost a week later and Carson's still throwing up almost daily. His pediatrician feels that this is probably simply Carson's new norm. As long as his wet diapers and weight gain continue, she is not concerned.
Of course I am relieved that were not looking at surgery or infections, but I still can't completely shake the fear. Please pray that Carson will cease vomiting and wisdom for myself and his doctors.
On the bright side, Carson will finally receive his standing AFO's early Oct! AFO's are plastic and velcro ankle braces designed to help with standing and walking. Carson loves standing upright with help from Nate and I. I hope he'll be eager and excited to try it in his braces!


Mark said...

Could he have developed a milk allergy? My son with sb, (now thirteen!), started vomiting too at a younger age than Carson but it stopped after we switched him to soy.
Hopefully it's something simple like that! btw he is very cute! I have read your blog for a while now.
Regards, Karin Mom to Matt (13) with SB and Mark (15)

Anonymous said...

So scary to have to take your little man to the ER. I'm thankful he didn't need surgery, but we'll still pray that he'll soon stop vomiting.

Meg and Nate

Chris & Keri said...

Does he have or has he had any trouble with reflux? Just the SLP in me.