Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 Months Old

Big things are happening in Carson's world; his first tooth finally made it's debut! There is nothing more adorable than a baby smile with a little tooth peeking out:) I'm considering all of us quite lucky because the whole teething ordeal so far has not seemed too painful (although the biting of curious fingers is another story- those baby teeth are sharp)!

On our previous post I wrote about the sudden vomiting Carson is undergoing. Out of the blue he started throwing up almost daily (sometimes twice a day). This has been a frustrating and scary time for us. He finally stopped throwing up last Tuesday and I thought maybe somehow it was over. Just when I was starting to relax about it he threw up again today. This Friday we'll be seeing Carson's neurosurgeon; hopefully he can give us some insight into this problem.

Last week we received Carson's new AFO's, or ankle braces designed to help with standing and walking. It's exciting to be moving towards this direction, but I have to admit that it was hard seeing them on his legs for the first time. Sometimes the reality of Spina Bifida just hits me in different ways. There are days where I feel in over my head and overwhelmed with the struggles of SB. Those days are hard, but more importantly, there are many more days that I see miracles happening right before my eyes. God is good!

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