Monday, October 26, 2009

A few updates

This morning we went to see Carson's eye doctor again and we weren't quite sure what to expect. Carson has been wearing is glasses for several months now and we haven't noticed huge changes or improvements with his vision. He doesn't seem able to see past 5 ft and his eyes still cross. The doctor concluded that the glasses were indeed helping, but not as much as he had hoped. Our new plan is now patching in addition to the glasses. For 2 hours a day we must place a patch over one of his eyes (alternating each eye daily) until we see his eye doctor again in Jan. Now I suddenly feel back to square one- constantly putting his glasses and eye patch on again and again as he constantly removes them again and again. There is a possibility of eye surgery in Carson's future if we don't see much improvement again.
Last Friday we went to the Spina Bifida Clinic and saw a few more of Carson's doctors. His neurologist determined that Carson's chronic vomiting was not neurological. Even better, Carson hasn't thrown up in 2 weeks so we're all feeling a little more at ease!

Carson's orthopedic doctor feels that he is doing great and is ready for a "stander," or a device designed to keep him upright while he wears his AFO's to help him learn standing. We have been practicing standing without the stander (we don't have this device yet) and he does great! So our doctor agreed that he can practice standing both ways.

Currently Carson is enrolled in a swim class at East Hills with his buddy, Greyson. He loves the water and is doing great in the class. It's refreshing to have just a normal non-medical routine in our week!

We're also excited to share that we're hearing a lot of "da-da's" and "ma-ma's" from our little guy! Somehow he only says "da-da" when he's excited, and "ma-ma" when he's whinny. Hmmm, we're going to have to work on that!


Leigh and Andy said...

I can't even handle how cute Carson is in these pictures!! Carson is, as always, in our prayers daily. We just LOVE that little guy!!

Kari said...

just wanted you to know im following now. your little carson is adorable!! Toby had a ton of eye problems and multiple surgeries.. it gets better!!

Jessica said...

Hey Em and Nate! great to hear about Carson and so nice to get your family update as we continue to pray for you guys as the weeks and months pass without seeing ya.....

tell carson he can be my eye patch buddy. i had to wear a patch on my right eye when i was little to try and get my left eye to work right. Anyway, love you guys! give some hugs and kisses to Carson from the HOEKSTRAS!!