Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A few weeks ago I promised before and after photos to feature Carson's "new eyes." As many of you know, Carson had eye surgery to correct the crossing. The surgery definitely improved the crossing, but I'm not completely convinced it was 100% successful. Carson's opthomologist observed him for a few seconds and concluded that the surgery did in fact correct the crossing but I'm not sure I completely agree yet. I would agree that the surgery produced improvements, but I still see his eyes crossing daily. Hopefully in a few weeks at our next appointment, the opthomologist and I will agree on the results... whatever they are.

As you can also see, Carson received an adaptive bike. The handles and pedals move together allowing the child to mobilize the bike using their arms. Carson is able to move both his arms and legs yet even if his arms are doing most of the work it still benefits his legs getting them used to alternating movements; a skill he'll hopefully need for walking.

Carson absolutely loves his bike! It didn't start out that way. Carson's bike was very graciously donated and we received it at an event designed to show the donors how wonderful it is for kids to receive the adaptable bikes. The plan was to put Carson on the bike in front of everybody so that they could all see how much he loved it prompting further convictions to continuous donations. Unfortunately, Carson hated it and cried the entire time. Thankfully he was adorable enough to override the original plan and I reassured them that he would love it in no time. Now he proudly pedals it up and down the sidewalks in our neighborhood. It is such a wonderful thing to have another option than just a stroller. We can now go on walks outdoors with the bike!

I am so proud to share some very exciting news. Lately we have reached the milestone where Carson is using his walker in public places. This is exciting because we have ventured from practising it indoors at home to being able to use it functionally in other places. It will be a long time before he "masters" the walker, but he is confident and capable enough to use it out and about. This morning we brought it to the library to use during the toddler program. I was so proud of him. Watching him walk into the classroom on his own with the other children was a sight I will never ever forget. I had to concentrate very hard to keep from getting visibly emotional. Carson really enjoyed using his walker throughout the morning. I am so proud of him and so excited. It is amazing to be blessed with moments you thought may never happen.


Leigh and Andy said...

I should concentrate harder because I am visibly emotional over here! the tears are streaming as I picture Carson walking into the library all by himself. Not only am I so proud of him for doing this, but also so proud of you! :) I know that this is a big scary step...and you both are doing so great! Love you guys and can't imagine my life without you in it!! See ya soon!

Coleman and Lauren said...

Tears over here also! Go Carson!! And I seriously think those bikes are the coolest things ever!

Marie said...

awww. those bikes are so coo. Someday we want to get one for my princess!

Summers Family said...

What an exciting moment that must have been to see him with the other kids. I'm so happy for you guys.

I hope you are starting to see more improvements with Carson's eyes. Annabelle had her surgery today and we are worried what the outcome will be.

Glad to read that so many great things are happening right now for your family.

All the best,