Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 months old already!

Good news to report again! Carson had another appointment with his neurosurgeon, Dr. Foody, on Wednesday. Dr. Foody determined that Carson's ventricles still look great and there is no need for a shunt yet. The next appointment to check his head again isn't until the end of the month so that gives us some time to relax about the matter.
Next week we'll be seeing Carson's orthopedic doctor again. Most likely he'll have to have casts put on his legs for the duration of this month and part of May. The casts are needed because Carson's feet turn upwards due to the lack of working calf muscles and tendons. The casts will gradually stretch his feet to a normal angle. The Doctor assured me that the casts do not bother babies at all. I hope she's right, they look like such a burden.
I never realized how overwhelming it is having a family member with special needs. There are some days where I feel like everything is smooth sailing and then other days when reality seems to hit me full force. But amidst it all, Carson is smiling and there is no greater blessing than helping him make day to day progress despite his challenges.
I'm always encouraged remembering what my mother-in-law said recently, "We know that God is good. He is incapable of doing anything but good. But God defines "good," not us. Our definition of good and God's may not look the same here on earth, but we can be confident that God has the best plan in store for Carson."


hilary b. said...

great pics & good news. God is good, all the time!

Vweele/Cornells said...

Glad to hear some more good news! Thanks for sharing your mother-in-laws comments. It's so true! Cute pictures! Love, T, B, and E

Rural Felicity said...

Sounds like a good update! My oldest and my youngest both had casts as babies. My oldest had a clubfoot and my youngest has the sb and bilateral clubfeet. It is amazing but the casts don't stop them or bother them (once they are on). Getting them on and off can sometimes seem traumatic but they are happy as soon as they are back in momma's arms. Grant used to just chill during the casting but didn't like getting them off. :)