Monday, April 13, 2009

Carson's New Boots

Today Carson received his second set of casts. He'll receive a variety of casts and braces designed to increase the flexibility in his ankles. Currently his foot is unable to flex to a pointed toe position. We found that the casts are doing their job quite well. When we removed the first set which was put on last Monday, he had greater flexibility. It's going so well that his doctor decide to reduce the duration from four weeks of casting to only two!

Carson handles his casts pretty well. In fact, he did a lot better than I did at the last appointment. Watching a group of doctors bind your baby's legs up into casts is hard to watch, but Carson didn't seem to mind. Throughout the week it seemed that he didn't even realize he had them on. The hard part was actually removing them. The machine used to cut the casts off is alarmingly loud especially for a baby, and after we washed his legs they became irritated from the soap or the scrubbing. As Carson sat on my lap crying in discomfort I tried to remember the last time I felt so helpless. He finally started to settle down and just stared at me with the saddest blue eyes I have ever seen. If it weren't for Nate, the reasonable one, I probably would have climbed out the window with Carson and escaped:) Regardless, this is his last week in casts so it isn't so bad.

This week we'll be visiting with Carson's urologist for the first time since Carson's birth. Most people with spina bifida lack bowel and bladder control in varying levels. Since Carson is obviously still a baby I'm not sure what we'll be able to learn.
Carson as always, is a busy boy. Not only from the endless appointments, but he's on the go a lot with his restless parents. Nate and I are so anxious for summer we have already been golfing several times. Carson's eager Grandmas are always willing to take him while Nate and I hit the golf course. We hope someday that Carson will be able to enjoy sports if he chooses to play them. For now we're just focusing on the day to day things and enjoying our little guy!


Momto14 said...

Perhaps they could try to use "soft casting" material. That is what "my SB babies" have had. I just have to take it off the night before the new casts go on. It just takes a few minutes to peel it off.

Jessica said...

I love keeping up with your blog, Nate and Em! Keep the updates coming because we continue to pray for that little cutie every day! We are getting anxious about our little arrival to come in a few weeks, Lord willing. Love you guys and love reading about carson's progress. Love the new pictures, he is just adorable!
Jordan and Jess

Manda said...

Carson is so cute. Those casts must be so teeny! I check your blog from time to time just to see what's new with the little guy. Take care!
Manda (Hoekzema) Hart