Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aliens and Spaceships

We're happy to inform that after two weeks Carson is finished with his castings. Although we we're happy that that phase ended we have now moved on to a new one. The casts are now replaced by AFO's (ankle braces). 18 hours of the day Carson wears his plastic and Velcro braces decorated with aliens and spaceships (pretty eighties looking actually!). When he's not wearing his braces we're stretching his feet still trying to increase the flexibility. Ultimately the braces will hopefully keep Carson's feet positioned at a normal angle to help prepare him for walking someday hopefully.
Carson again doesn't seem to mind his alien covered footwear, but as always these types of things are harder on me. The braces are a constant reminder to me of Carson's challenges. It's hard to believe that Carson will be wearing these types of braces for the rest of his life. It's starting to sink in that we're on the brink of a long journey.

Recently we also visited Carson's urologist. Carson was born with hydronephrosis, an enlargement of the kidneys. We discovered that at this appointment one of Carson's kidneys looked fine and the other had decreased from a level 3 to a 2 which is better. Hydronephrosis can be fatal so obviously we are monitoring his levels. We still don't have an accurate idea of Carson's bowel and bladder issues but the doctor told us to be prepared for cathing instead of potty training. It kind of makes you thankful for changing diapers for now!

Nate and I also visited the Spina Bifida support group meeting for the first time the other week. Although we weren't sure what to expect we were surprised to see only several people there. Besides Nate and I and our friends, Leigh and Andy, there were only 5 other people and 3 of them were the board members. They explained that their group was kind of in a transition phase. Since the SB National Assoc has set new guidelines, their board must grow to 8 people and raise about 4 times the amount of money they generate currently. To make matters even more challenging, the only 3 board members are burnt out and ready to pass their responsibilities on. It was discouraging to see this support group almost completely dissipated and overwhelming to hear what the group was going through! But Nate and I felt surprisingly motivated afterwards. Maybe we could help this group flourish.

Next week brings another head ultrasound to monitor hydrocephalus. Please continue to keep Carson in your prayers!

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