Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Quick Update

Today Carson had an exciting day filled with visitors. We just can't get enough of his chubby little face. Today he was visited again by his family members and he also met Brenda and Brandon, Jenn and Scott.

There hasn't been a lot of significant change to note, but a few changes- some good, some not so good. On the positive side, Carson was taken off the ventilator. This device was inserted into his throat yesterday to help with his breathing. He is now breathing on his own and seems much more comfortable without the tubing. He also is constantly moving around on his tummy and likes to stick his little tush in the air. This of course requires leg movement which we have seen quite a bit of so we're are very happy to report that. He also has had a few bowel movements and is urinating well, but still no word on whether he will have adequate control over these things. Unfortunately, the ventricles in his brain have increased. He is still shunt free, but if the fluid build up continues to increase we are probably looking at another surgery to install the shunt.

Today he seemed agitated and uncomfortable. He has to constantly stay on his stomach and his hooked up to multiple devices through multiple cords. It's hard to see him squirming around in discomfort without being able to relieve him. Today he was especially stubborn about keeping his head turned to the right. In fact, after his head was turned he managed to turn it back on his own! I think he is already revealing his stubbornness:) On our last visit to say "goodnight" he finally seemed content and was resting soundly. Finally seeing him comfortable was like the ultimate achievement.

We can't wait to visit him tomorrow and hopefully learn more.


Robin said...

Thanks for the updates! We are continually praying for him!

Dennis and Ruth said...

Hi Nate and Emily,
Congrats! What a beautiful baby boy - oh wait, perhaps we should say handsome! We are praying for you both and for miracles of healing for Carson. (He is ABLE!)
The Kaminski's

Vince,Denise said...

Hi Nate and Emily,
Congrats!!on your baby boy he is adorable! We can't wait to meet him. Your family has and will be in our prayers everyday.
Love,Vince, Denise, Reagan, and Cheznie