Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good News to Report!

Today was full of blessings! Carson is growing and doing very well. Today they removed the cath and he is urinating on his own and filling his diapers. This doesn't necessarily mean he will have adequate control over these things, but it's a step in the right direction. The doctors have also been monitoring his head for fluid build up. We're happy to report that his head size has stayed the same so far. We are continuing to pray that the fluids will not increase so that he will not need a shunt. Carson has also been impressing us, his visitors, and the staff with his strong leg movements. In fact one of the nurses said she was keeping a close eye on him because she was afraid he would scoot himself all the way to the edge of his bed area!

Carson also got to eat for the first time. We fed him while he layed on his tummy by bottle. We also got to "hold" him for the first time. This evening he was placed on a pillow and then on to our laps. We fed him and burped him this way. It was amazing.

Unlike yesterday Carson seemed comfortable and content. When baby is happy we are happy!

Although we have all of this great news to report, please continue to pray for his health. Although he is doing very well, we still don't have a clear assessment on his physical abilities, he may still lack bowel and bladder control, and a shunt surgery could be in our future.

Thanks for reading, I hope to write tomorrow with more good news! Thanks also to our many visitors and all the emails of encouragement. God has blessed us with such a caring community and a thriving baby. We are so thankful because all of these good things are a gift from God.


Nely said...

I am very Happy to here such good news. I hope things only get better. I will keep you in my prayers. I send hugs and kisses to baby Carson.

Robin said...

Thanks to God! I pray that Carson continues to improve!

Vweele/Cornells said...

So happy to hear the good news. We hope it just keeps on coming! As always, we're praying and thinking of you. Can't wait to meet little Carson!
Love, Taryn, Bob, and Elise

csbuma said...

Praise God for the good news! We got tears in our eyes thinking of you holding Carson for the first time. Thanks for keeping up the blog; we check it several times a day. Love, Shari and Craig

L&J said...

Emily and Nate

I was just on facebook and saw your blog site and started reading it...although I am crying right not and not sure exactly why, but please know you three will be in my prayers.
With love,
Libby Ryder (Schaafsma)