Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carson's little world

Carson seems to be adjusting to his new home well, I'm not sure that we're adjusting quite so easily:) I'm lucky if I make it out of my bath robe by mid afternoon! Carson sure keeps us busy but he sure is a joy. In fact I'm told that I'm lucky to have his feeding schedule; he wakes up every 4 hours for food.
Eating, sleeping, and pooping, is pretty much how Carson spends his days. He's pretty peaceful until it's time for a diaper change. He squirms, cries, and frantically kicks his legs. It sure is awesome to see his legs moving so much, he is a miracle.
Tomorrow my flurry of appointments begins. Carson has an ultrasound on his head to monitor the hydrocephalus, and then a visit with the neurosurgeon. We're really hoping that the ultrasound will reveal no change in his head size. We're assuming that Carson will have weekly ultrasounds to monitor this and hopefully soon they will determine that a shunt will not be needed, we'll see...
It seems that our blog is getting a lot of traffic so hopefully that means lots of prayers for Carson! Please remember our neighbors and friends, Andy and Leigh, in your prayers as well. Leigh is having a boy with spina bifida on Jan 29!


Robin said...

We continue to pray for you and Nate as you adjust, but will certainly also pray for your friends.

maryliz said...

Nate and Emily,
I'm a friend of Brandon and Brenda and have been praying for you both and Carson since I heard about your blog. I am in school to be a genetic counselor, so I understand everything that you're going through from a medical standpoint and am praying for all the emotional stuff as well. God has blessed you with a very handsome boy with a wonderful future, no matter what happens medically (although we pray for the best!). Be strong and courageous!
Mary Nyhuis

Karl said...

he is so perfect!