Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carson the Chubster

Carson continues to surprise us. Today at his pediatrician appointment he weighed just over 9 lbs! I began to worry that he was gaining too much weight, was I contributing to the obesity epidemic? But my doctor assured me that this was wonderful news and that Carson is growing at not only an impressive level, but a healthy one too.
Carson's head size is also right where it should be, still no need for a shunt. We really hope that this continues!
This morning we visited Dr. Naum, Carson's plastic surgeon. He said that Carson's back closure looked excellent; normally the scar is a "cross shape," but Carson's is only a single line. He explained that this was due to fact that Carson's lesion was so small, and that he had great muscle and skin tissue to work with.
All these positive appointments have been pretty amazing. Since Carson's birth I have left almost every appointment in tears- the good kind.
As my grandma would say, Carson is such a trouper. He hardly cries or fusses and now sleeps in 5hr+ durations! As evident in his weight, he loves to eat and noisily chugs it down. Carson's getting chubbier especially in his face. Today I dislodged his pacifier which was stuck in his double chin, and his cheeks are perfect for constant kissing.
We're pretty sure he can't get any cuter!


Elliott said...

Emily and I have been following everything from the blog as well as updates from Bren and Bran and we're happy to see how well Carson is doing!

We were just commenting on how much he looks like both of you guys. He's adorable.


Annaleah said...

Thank you for the up dates Emily!
God is good! It's funny how Carson just finds his way to be on my mind during the week. He is in our hearts every day, we are so happy for the excellent news! I hope summer will bring a time when I can meet the little one!
much love,

Rottier said...

Hi Nate & Emily!
I'm so glad to hear Carson is doing so well. I think of you often! God is so good!!!