Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Shunt Yet...

Yesterday I tried to prepare myself for some hard news that I thought was heading my way. Because of our last appointment with Dr. Foody I thought that I was probably going to hear that it was time for Carson to have a shunt surgery. Miraculously we learned that there wasn't enough significant change in his ventricles to do the surgery! Isn't it interesting when your surprised God answered your prayers?

We were also surprised to hear that Carson's next appointment to measure his ventricles isn't until 3 weeks from now. So I guess that gives us a little time to relax.

Carson is of course oblivious to all the medical fuss. His primary concern is pretty much getting his food when he wants it (which is quite a lot and quite often). Carson continues to pack on the pounds; he now weighs 11 lbs and somehow becomes more and more loveable.

It's pretty crazy how different my life is now! Everything changes. The other night Nate and I visited Brenda and Brandon, friends of ours who just had twins. Instead of showing up at 9 and deciding when and where we were going to go, we arrived at 7:30 and pretty much spent the evening feeding the babies with the TV on in the background. At 10:30 we wrapped it up. Quite different from my weekends leading up to Carson's birth! It sure is an adjustment, but change is okay. Carson is my world.


MommaKathi said...

Good news so far! We will keep praying for Carson - maybe he can beat the odds and not need a shunt. I love the pictures. He is a cutie.
Kathi in Holland

Ellen and Duster said...

Dear Em and Nate,
Sorry we couldn't make the baptism. Lauren was home for her spring break and fighting a nasty bug. We wouldn't want to take any chances with spreading those germs to Carson. Take care. We will keep praying for him and follow his progress on your blog.

Ellen and Duster

Texas Triggs said...

Congratulations on cute Carson. With loving and determined parents, who knows what he will be able to acomplish. It is so good to see what you have been able to do with him in such a short time.