Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayer Request

Carson's recent appointments have still been going very well. Next week for the first time we'll be visiting the Spina Bifida Clinic at Mary Free Bed where we'll be meeting with an Orthopedic doctor. We're a bit nervous for this one. We obviously know that there are problems with Carson's legs, but it's a different reality hearing about the specifics. We're praying that we'll leave this appointment uplifted from good news. God has shown us such mercy with the rest of Carson's appointments and updates, please pray with us that this will continue.
Our friends, Leigh and Andy who are pregnant with a boy with SB, will have their C section on thursday! They're extremely excited! Please pray that God will be near to them at this time of anticipation and that their baby boy will amaze them with his capabilities as Carson has with us. Check out their blog: ourlittlegibblet.blogspot.com


MommaKathi said...

Hi there! It is so good to read about all of the good things going on in Carsons life. I am not sure who you will see at clinic. Justin saw Dr. Maples. She is really nice and caring. Give Carson a hug for us. Hopefully we will get to meet him before we move.
Kathi and Justin in Holland

Jessica said...

I love reading all of your positive updates, Emily and nate! We seriously cannot wait to give those little chubby cheeks some good kisses when we get to see him! What a blessing from God to have had such good news at your Dr. visits! We truly serve an amazing God who truly does answer our prayers when we seek Him first. We love you guys and send some extra kisses your way for Valentines Day!
With Love, Jordan, Jess, and Cally
Carson....will you be my Valentine? Love, Cally
check yes or no :)